Thunder River/Deer Creek

Day 1
Meet at Kaibab Lodge in the early afternoon. Carpool 30.8 miles (1.5 hours) to  Monument Point.

Day 2
Hike the Bill Hall trail to the Thunder River Trail and cache water on the Esplinade. We will continue through Surprise Valley to the banks of Thunder River where we will feel the cool mist of the waterfalls high on soaring cliffs. Thunder River is the shortest river in the world and "thunders" right out of the Redwall.  We continue to  Upper Tapeats Creek and camp in our shady campsite where roaring Tapeats Creek rumbles by.

Day 3
We will take the  river route from Tapeats Creek to Deer Creek.

Day 4
Layover day Deer Creek,  We will enjoy the enchanting Deer Creek narrows that give birth to Deer Creek Falls. Short hikes to Upper Deer Creek Falls, Lower Deer Creek Falls (ninety-footer) rest and relaxation.

Day 5
Climb back to the Esplanade, retrieve our cache and choose a camp site with fabulous panoramic views among the red rock domes.

Day 6
Hike out and return to the Kaibab Lodge.

Thunder River/Deer Creek
duration: 6 days
round trip: 40.0 miles
difficulty: strenuous
availability: April - June; September - November

Let's go!
Deer Creek Falls
Please note all backpacking trips begin at the trailhead or a nearby location for a safety briefing and orientation meeting. 

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