Tanner/Little Colorado

Day 1
Meet at Lipan Point on the South Rim. Descend the Tanner Trail to Tanner Rapids. It is a 4,600-foot, nine mile descent to the Colorado River, our first water source. We will pack enough water for five hours of descending and we will drop a water cache at Seventy-five mile saddle or the top of the Redwall for our ascent back to the rim. Camp on Tanner Beach.

Day 2
After breakfast we will explore up-river on the Escalante Trail for a few miles and then return to camp, pack and head out on the Beamer Trail. The first 3 miles on the Beamer Trail  we cross Comanche and Espejo Creeks and follow the trail along sandstone cliffbands then drops to our sandy campsite near Lava Canyon Rapids and Palisades Creek.

Day 3
We leave camp with only a daypack, food, and water. We will explore the leftovers of a nearby copper mine then head north again along the Colorado River where the Beamer Trail will quickly ascend to the top of the Tapeats Sandstone cliffs just North of Palisades Creek. We skirt the Tapeats cliffs for 6 miles in and out of small drainages until the junction with the gorgeous aqua-blue  Little Colorado River.  We will explore  the Beamer Cabin, a 100-year-old mining cabin, relax in one of the most beautiful settings in the world before heading six miles back to camp.

Day 4
We will break camp and hike back to Tanner Beach for an easy, day of exploration and relaxation before tackling the difficult final day's ascent to Lipan Point.

Day 5
Retrieve our cached water on Seventy-Five mile Saddle and ascend to Lipan Point.

Tanner Trail to the Little Colorado
duration: 5 days
round trip: 36.0 miles
difficulty: strenuous
availability: September - June

Let's go!
Beamer's Cabin

Please note
all backpacking trips begin at the trailhead or a nearby location for a safety briefing and orientation meeting. 

Lodging and travel assistance may be requested by contacting us via email or (480) 241-4061.

View from Tanner Trail