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 GRAND CANYON                                                                            
Grand Canyon National Park website | (928) 638-7888
Chad Mason's Rim to Rim website
Nature, Culture, History (ASU)          website
City Slicker's Guide to Grand Canyon website | Thanks to for this new resource!

The following provide an excellent overview of Grand Canyon and may be purchased through the Grand Canyon Association at 800-858-2808 or online. GCA members receive a 15% discount.
  • Anderson, Michael F., Living at the Edge: Explorers, Exploiters and Settlers of the Grand Canyon Region, 1998. 
  • Coder, Chris, An Introduction to Grand Canyon Pre-History, 2000. 
  • Houk, Rose, An Introduction to Grand Canyon Ecology, 1996. 
  • Price, L. Greer, An Introduction to Grand Canyon Geology, 1999.  
  • Ranney, Wayne, Carving Grand Canyon, 2005.
  • Sadler, Christa, Life in Stone, 2005.
  • Thybony, Scott, The Official Guide to Hiking Grand Canyon, 1997 Second Edition. 

Elias Butler is a backcountry guide, photographer, and writer living in Flagstaff, AZ. His area of focus is the landscape and its people, especially locations such as Grand Canyon, the Sonoran Desert, and the Colorado Plateau.

Elias works with a 4x5 large format camera for its superior ability to render fine art prints, and works with digital and 35mm when speed and portability are needed. He is available for commissioned works, photojournalism assignments, workshops, and offers a wide array of images for fine art prints and licensing.

As a writer, Elias has produced numerous articles for syndicated newspapers and magazines. His first book, co-written with Dr. Tom Myers, is Grand Obsession: Harvey Butchart and the Exploration of Grand Canyon, which won a 2008 National Outdoor Book Award.  He is currently at work on his next book.
Navajo, "mountain lying down"
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Extra Food
Extra Clothes
First-Aid Kit
Pocket Knife
Waterproof Matches
Mirror (for signaling)
Insect Repellents
Sunburn Preventatives
Rain Poncho