Paria Canyon

Day 1
We will meet at one of the lodges at Vermillion Cliffs and connect with a concessionaire driver to take us to the White House Trailhead in the upper reaches of the Paria drainage.  We will follow the wet drainage and camp at the beginnings of the Paria River Narrows and enjoy the incredible geology with its colors ranging from white to bright rust colored orange.

Day 2
We continue hiking down the drainage and are able to get a nice look at Slide Rock Arch. Upon reaching the Buckskin and Paria confluence we will drop our packs and explore the narrows of Buckskin Gulch - the longest, deepest, darkest and narrowest slot canyon in the world. We will continue on to an excellent spring and camp across river.

Day 3
We continue our journey and pass by Wrather Canyon and we perhaps will take a short side trip to Wrather Arch. From here  the stream gradient increases and becomes heavily boulder-strewn. We will stop at a Spring and fill up our water containers in preparation for a "dry camp". We pass Bush Head Canyon, the last major side canyon before Paria Canyon widens.

Day 4 
This will be the last leg of our incredible journey and we will pass the Wilson Ranch site (abandoned homestead) before reaching our destination, Lonely Dell Ranch, a beautiful historic oasis of fruit trees. 

There is additional cost for transportation to the trailhead.

Paria Canyon and Buckskin Gulch
duration: 4 days
round trip: 38.0 miles
difficulty: strenuous
availability: April - June; September - October

Let's go!
Paria Canyon

Please note
all backpacking trips begin at the trailhead or a nearby location for a safety briefing and orientation meeting. 

Lodging and travel assistance may be requested by contacting us via email or (480) 241-4061.