Indian Gardens

Day 1
Meet at the Bright Angel Lodge. We will descend 4.5 miles down the Bright Angel Trail to the lush Indian Gardens Campground. We will have splendid opportunities to view condors along the way, as well as "The Battleship"  We will hike out to Plateau Point (3 miles round trip) to enjoy a riveting sunset.

Day 2
Ascend 3500 feet up to the rim. You are now Canyon Tough

Day 3 (optional)
A third day may be added for a day hike to the Colorado River and to check out Phantom Ranch.

Indian Gardens
duration: 2-3 days
round trip: 12.0 - 22.0 miles
difficulty: moderate
availability: September - May

Let's go!
Bright Angel Trail

Please note
all backpacking trips begin at the trailhead or a nearby location for a safety briefing and orientation meeting. 

Lodging and travel assistance may be requested by contacting us via email or (480) 241-4061.