Havasu Falls

Day 1
Meet at Grand Canyon Caverns and carpool 60 miles to Hualapai Hilltop.  We will hike 10 miles through a stunning sandstone canyon to Havasu Canyon Campground next to Havasu Creek at the base of Havasu Falls. Along the way we will view the commanding presence of  Mt. Sinyella.  Tribe elders warn outsiders to not approach because Sinyella contained spirits and if disturbed would cause floods and strong winds. We will pass through the village of Supai guarded by two red pillars, called Wigleeva, the guardian spirits of the Havasupai people. Legend has it that if they ever fall, the canyon walls will close and the village will be destroyed. At Supai, we will relax, have a refreshment and mail a postcard before hiking the final two miles to camp.

Day 2
In the morning we will explore Havasu Falls that drops into a luminous pool 100 feet below as well as the two new waterfalls that mother nature has recently created "New Navajo Falls" and "Rock Falls" (both temporary names). In the afternoon we will hike on the Esplanade or explore a nearby slot canyon.

Day 3
We will day Hike down canyon to  Mooney Falls and take in the water plummeting 196 feet to a blue-green pool. We will pass through two slanting tunnels  and climb down to the canyon floor. We will hike down stream through a rich riparian wilderness from one travertine pool to the next and follow a path covered with canyon grape and pass under grapevine bowers. Here there is a good possibility for big horn sheep sightings. We will work our way possibly to Beaver Falls and then return retracing our footsteps.

Day 4 
Hike to the rim, wrap up and drive back to Grand Canyon Caverns.

Special arrangements can be made to transport packs on horses; this is at an additional expense. 

Additionally, your trip can be arranged to include a stay in the lodge at Havasupai. Reservations must be made well in advance.

Havasu Falls
duration: 4 days
round trip: 35.0 miles
difficulty: moderate
availability: September - June

Let's go!
Mooney Falls, Havasupai

Please note
all backpacking trips begin at the trailhead or a nearby location for a safety briefing and orientation meeting. 

Lodging and travel assistance may be requested by contacting us via email or (480) 241-4061.