Staff & Guides

We have a professional staff of seasoned outdoor guides, many with years of corporate experience, who have the skills and insight to create the adventure of your dreams.

Bruce is one likable leader - every year I get a handful of volunteers who will go to the end of the world to be on another expedition with him... 
Amy Blum, Big City Mountaineers
   Bruce "el Lobo" Corey WFR
Owner, Lead Guide
Bruce brings a unique combination of skills - extensive business experience in information technology in the financial sector and other businesses - and guiding outdoor adventures in the mountains and canyons throughout the United States and internationally. Bruce actually spends more time outside than in and he is able to sleep in some of the worlds most remote locales with the absolute minimal gear. A "Leave No Trace" advocate, he is well travelled in the Colorado Plateau, having logged over 75 backpacking trips below the rim of the Grand Canyon, and has spent considerable time over the past several years in the great outdoors leading groups on "adventure of a lifetime" trips. He is also the co-founder and owner of Canyon Tough with his wife Gerry.  Bruce has worked with business leaders, youth, and a number of international clients and is known for his wily wisdom, sense of humor, and his ability to utilize adventure for learning.
    Gerry Corey
Owner, Administrative Manager
Gerry is a warrior, of sorts. She has climbed the highest peaks—in Texas.  She has waded through non-piranha infested waters in the Amazon. She got locked in a restroom in Spain and almost missed her bus. Oh yes, she has seen it all.  And yet, she never met a trip she didn’t like. From the Grand Canyon to the Grand Canal, from Barcelona to Bandolier, it’s all a great adventure. It’s a chance to see something new and amazing, to meet people from all over the world, to find herself in places she first imagined as a kid. What does she bring to
Canyon Tough? She brings many years of organizational and managerial experience. She brings a joie de vivre, only slightly tempered by those years of managerial experience. While all of those gifted guides will take you to wonderful places, she keeps the home fires burning. She is the voice of moderation, the woman who doesn’t go rim to rim in a day, but prefers to spend time at the river. She can run both budgets and human beings and make it her business to put together the best trips ever.