Day Hikes

Pricing for Day Hikes

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 2-3 people  $149/person 
 4-6 people  $129/person
 7 or more  $109/person
Day Hikes require a 2-person minimum
in order to reserve guiding services; a 3-person minimum at Grand Canyon's North Rim
Perralta Trail in the Superstition Wilderness
round trip: 4.6 miles | difficulty: moderate | availability: September - April
The Peralta trailhead is only a 45 minute drive from the metro Phoenix area and offers primo desert hiking in what may be Americas best known Wilderness.This area is rugged and mysterious and this trail offers a fine representation of lush desert vegetation, and panoramic views. If we have a wet winter the spring wildflowers are amazing! This out and back hike heads up to Fremont Saddle for a view of Weaver’s Needle, a magnificent spire. Let's go!

Lost Dog Trail in the McDowell Mountain Preserve
round trip: 6.0 miles | difficulty: moderate | availability: September - April
Located in the heart of this beautiful preserve this fine trail provides nice views of the Phoenix Valley and a great array of desert flora. We work our way to an overlook at the top of Taliesin Ridge where there are great views of Camelback Mountain, Squaw Peak and Pinnacle Peak. Let's go!

Camelback Mountain via Cholla Trail or Echo Canyon Trail
round trip: 3.0 miles | difficulty: strenuous | availability: September - April
At 2704' Camelback Mountain is the highest peak in the Phoenix Mountains and a prominent landmark. The view at the top is panoramic and hard to beat. We hike the Echo Canyon or more moderate Cholla trail. There are several spectacular sandstone formations along the way. Let's go!

Aravaipa Canyon
round trip: 11 miles | difficulty: moderate | availability: March - June; September - November
Aravaipai Canyon is the emerald of Arizona’s wildernesses and only a two hour drive from Phoenix. Aravaipa is truly 11 miles of canyon paradise.  It offers 1,000-foot canyon walls, stunning scenery, and a rich history. Seven species of native fish, troops of coatamundi, ringtails, mule and white - tailed deer, mountain lion, black bear and over 200 species of birds live among the shady cottonwoods along the perennial waters of the Aravaipa. Peregrine Falcons nest on the cliffs above, among desert bighorn sheep. Let's go!

Blue Ridge Primitive Area "Mexican Wolf Country"
coming soon
In Southeast Arizona, the Blue Ridge is largely untouched and where the Mexican wolf (lobo) roams. At this time 50 Mexican wolves and 10 breeding pairs were confirmed in this area including New Mexico. This wild remote area includes steep canyons is the last designated primitive area in the United States. It is accessible through an extensive trail system. Let's go!

   South Rim
South Kaibab Trail to Cedar Mesa  
round trip: 3.0 miles | difficulty: moderate | availability: year round
Entry level inner canyon hike affording splendid trail views that include: Pipe Canyon, O'Neill Butte, Tonto Trail, Devil's Corkscrew, Garden Creek, Painted Desert, Wotans Throne, and Vishnu Temple. This can be extended to Skeleton Point for a view of the mighty Colorado (6.1 miles round trip). Let's go!

Bright Angel Trail to 1.5-mi Rest House
round trip: 3.0 miles | difficulty: moderate | availability: year round
One of the most popular trails in Grand Canyon National Park it follows the Bright Angel fault, providing a great opportunity to view California Condors. This hike offers views of The Battleship, Summer Butte, Cheops Pyramids, and Brahma Temple. This hike can be extended to the 3-mile rest house (6 miles round trip), to Indian Gardens (10 miles round trip), or to Plateau Point for an incredible view of the Colorado (12 miles round trip).  Let's go!

Tanner Trail to 75-mi Saddle
round trip: 4.0 miles | difficulty: moderate-strenuous | availability: year round
A prehistoric Indian path, the trail, located at the east end of the park, opens up at seventy-five mile saddle. You are afforded fabulous views of the Colorado River and the Marble Platform. This trip can be extended to the top of the Redwall (7 miles round trip) for a really cool inner canyon hike. Let's go!

Hermit Trail to Santa Maria Springs or Dripping Springs or both!
round trip: 4.6 or 6.6 or 7.5 miles | difficulty: moderate-strenuous | availability: year round
Located at the end of the West Rim Drive, this trail was developed by the Santa Fe Railroad and goes into the juniper woodlands of the Hermit Basin and offers fine views into Hermit Creek Canyon. Dripping Springs is a fine alcove where water "drips" out of the roof of the sandstone while surrounded by ferns, thistle, and monkey flowers. Santa Maria Springs has a shaded rest house draped by an arbor of canyon wild grape. Let's go!

Grandview Trail to Horseshoe Mesa
round trip: 6.4 miles | difficulty: strenuous | availability: year round
This beautiful trail is a rewarding hike that follows an ancient Indian trail. We hike between the beautiful Cottonwood and Hance canyons, then the trail opens up onto a mesa shaped like a horseshoe. Here relics of the mining era can be found. Let's go!

   North Rim
Uncle Jim Trail
round trip: 5.0 miles | difficulty: moderate | availability: mid-May to mid-October
The Uncle Jim trailhead is the same as that for the North Kaibab and the Ken Patrick Trail. The hike is through a thick forested plateau with groves of ponderosa pines, spruce, fir and aspen. The path leads to an overlook of the Grand Canyon. Uncle Jim Ownes was the game warden for the U.S. Forest Service at the Grand Canyon in the early 1900's. Let's go!

Widforss Trail
round trip: 10.0 miles | difficulty: moderate-strenuous | availability: mid-May to mid-October
The trail rolls up and down through the forest, edging along some nice sections of the rim on the way to the Widforss Point Overlook (8000'). It begins at the parking lot across from the Kaibab trailhead and offers access to the area west of the Grand Canyon Lodge. Those looking for a shorter hike can hike the first 2.5 miles of the trail. Let's go!

Ken Patrick Trail
round trip: 10.0 or 20.0 miles | difficulty: strenuous | availability: mid-May to mid-October
The Ken Patrick Trail is 20 miles round trip or 10 miles using a shuttle. Doing the hike one way (10 mile trip) would be moderate instead of strenuous. Point Imperial is 8803' elevation and the highest place in the Grand Canyon that can be reached by car. The trail has a 3 mile rim section between Point Imperial and the Cape Royal road. After the views of Mt. Hayden, and many far off views (such as those of Marble Canyon), the trail then forges through the forest. Let's go!

North Kaibab Trail to Roaring Springs
round trip: 9.4 miles | difficulty: strenuous | availability: mid-May to mid-October
The North Kaibab Trail descends beneath the rim, through the forest, for the first 5 miles leading to Roaring Springs. Roaring Springs is a waterfall with water pouring from a muav cave into Bright Angel Creek. This creek is one of the Grand Canyon's largest tributaries and is home for beavers. Let's go!

Paria Canyon and Buckskin Gulch
round trip: 20 miles | difficulty: strenuous | availability: April, May, June, September, October
The premier narrows hike on the Colorado Plateau. A land every bit as sublime as the Grand Canyon, Buckskin Gulch is the longest deepest, darkest narrowest slot canyon in the world and a tributary to Paria Canyon. Let's go!