Custom Trips

Custom trips are our specialty. 
Each is unique to the client.  We have logged thousands of miles in the canyons and are eager to share the places that are truly less traveled, little known and that will be exclusive to you. Thousands of people trek the canyons every year. Your experience with Canyon Tough will be different.
Let us know what your desires and goals are and we will build you the highest quality trip. We offer an optimal guide to client ratio. Our trips are affordably priced and we specialize in backpacking. You pack your gear and food and meet us at the trailhead and we'll take you where others do not go. We also love to take beginners on their first backpacks and can provide whatever gear is required for the trip. Another choice is to set up a base camp and do day hikes.

Let us know what your ideal trip is and we'll throw in some of our thoughts to make it the best possible experience...let's go!

As long as there are canyons, man will be drawn to them.  

The Rim to Rim hike with Canyon Tough was one of the most enjoyable weeks I've had in a long time. Hiking down the North Rim and away from the day to day grind was the start of a great canyon experience. It's hard to believe that for every foot descended we were touching 1000 more years of history - really put things into perspective. 

Everyone got along great and I made some new lifelong friends. Bruce's (el Lobo) attitude and stories brought everyone together and made for a great trip. Thanks, Lobo!

Greg DuPrey, 2010 Grand Canyon