Boucher to Hermit Loop

Day 1
Meet at Bright Angel Lodge or Hermits Rest trailhead, hike 8.5 miles to Boucher Creek. We will follow the Hermit trail to the Boucher Trail Junction in the pinyon-juniper woodland. We will be afforded memorable views on the Boucher Trail below Yuma point. By the time we reach Boucher Creek we will have traveled through the entire sequence of Grand Canyon rocks. Boucher Creek is bordered by willows and bounded by cliffs, with the south rim looming 3700 feet above.  The ruins of Louie Boucher (the hermit) are in close proximity.

Day 2
Backpack a little less than 4 miles to Hermit Creek on the Tonto Trail.  Fine views of Hermit Rapids unfold on the Tonto Trail. At Hermits Creek we will set up camp on the mesquite ringed bench, relax and then explore the Santa Fe Railroad's Hermit Camp, a tourist based camp that operated from 1913 to 1931.

Day 3
Today, we close the circuit and follow the Hermit Trail up and over the Cathedral Stairs, taking in exciting and colorful views of the Granite Gorge. We then ascend to the south rim.

Day 4 (optional)
A fourth day may be added for an exploratory hike to the Colorado River and Hermit's rapids.

Boucher/Hermit Loop
duration: 3-4 days
round trip: 24.0 miles
difficulty: strenuous
availability: March - May; September - November

Let's go!
View from Hermit Trail

Please note
all backpacking trips begin at the trailhead or a nearby location for a safety briefing and orientation meeting. 

Lodging and travel assistance may be requested by contacting us via email or (480) 241-4061.