Pricing for Backpacking Trips

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  price per day 
 2-3 people  $189/person 
 4-6 people  $179/person
 7 or more  $169/person
Backpacking trips require a 2-person minimum
in order to reserve guiding services
Tanner Trail to the Little Colorado  itinerary
duration: 5 days | round trip: 36.0 miles
difficulty: strenuous | availability: September - June
For the experienced hikers, this trip follows an ancient Indian route later improved by prospectors to the Colorado River. We will explore downriver on the Escalante route and upriver to Lava Canyon Rapids and the striking aquamarine waters of the Little Colorado River.

Nankoweap  itinerary
duration: 6 days | round trip: 45.0 miles
difficulty: strenuous | availability: March - May; September - November
For the experienced hikers, this spectacular trail is perhaps the most difficult in the Canyon with the greatest elevation loss rim to river of -6400'. From our base camp at Nankoweap Creek, we will explore ancient ruins by the Colorado, the little Nankoweap Canyon and other areas of the Nankoweap Basin. 

North Bass Trail  itinerary
duration: 5 days | round trip: 0.0 miles
difficulty: strenuous | availability: April - June; September - November
For the experienced hikers, this once was an old Indian route improved by William Bass for sightseeing and hunting trips. This area is remote, difficult and wildly beautiful. The North Bass offers its own sublime rewards. It is a 5620' descent that is quite different from any other area in the Grand Canyon. A dense brush cover forms a green veneer that masks the broken, rocky slopes. We will find great campsites at Shinimu Creek and explore an old mining camp on the way to the Colorado.

Thunder River/Deer Creek  itinerary
duration: 6 days | round trip: 40.0 miles
difficulty: strenuous | availability: April - June; September - November
For the experienced hikers, this is a Grand Canyon "classic"  in which hikers will find the trail to be adventurous and the scenery  the best in the Grand Canyon.  The destinations, Thunder River and Deer Creek are nothing short of spectacular.

And we have just begun watching the river run. 
Listening, learning and yearning to run, river, run. 
Loggins and Messina

Grandview Loop  itinerary
duration: 3-4 days | round trip: 18-24 miles
difficulty: moderate - strenuous | availability: March - May; September - November
This hike offers the next step up for a backpacker that has hiked to Phantom Ranch. Horseshoe Mesa is a promontory in the heart of the canyon and we will loop around it. We will camp at Cottonwood and Hance Creeks.

Boucher/Hermit Loop  itinerary
duration: 3-4 days | round trip: 24.0 miles | difficulty: strenuous
availability: March - May; September - November
For experienced hikers, this is one of the finest Grand Canyon treks. Overnight stops at delightful Boucher and Hermit Creeks are spaced at agreeable intervals. Fabulous and varied views along the way.

Indian Gardens  itinerary
duration: 2-3 days | round trip: 12.0 - 22.0 miles | difficulty: moderate 
availability: September - May 
Introductory backpack to  the lush, well-watered Indian Gardens graced with canyon wild grape and cottonwood groves. Sunset will be spent at Plateau Point. With three days we will day hike to the Colorado River/Phantom Ranch.

Rim to Rim  itinerary
duration: 5 days | round trip: 21.0 - 24.0 miles | difficulty: strenuous
availability: September - May
The legendary cross-canyon hike that everyone should do once in their life. One or two nights at Phantom Ranch, one at Cottonwood campground and one at Indian Gardens.  Side trips to spectacular Roaring Springs, Ribbon Falls, and Plateau Point. 

Clear Creek  itinerary
duration: 5 days | round trip: 36.0 miles | difficulty: strenuous
availability: September - May
Phantom Ranch, and perennial Clear Creek are exciting destinations as well as up canyon to Cheyava Falls, Grand Canyon's highest, or down canyon to the Colorado River if the falls are not flowing. The Clear Creek trail was built in the 30s by the Civilian Conservation Corps and is the North Rim's counterpart to the Tonto trail. It affords scenic panoramas on the Tonto Platform.

Havasu Falls  itinerary
duration: 4 days | round trip: 35.0 miles | difficulty: moderate
availability: September - June
Introductory backpack to the village of Supai and campgrounds by beautiful Havasu Creek. We will day hike and explore the beautiful aqua-blue waterfalls ranging from 75 to 200 feet high. This area is lush and many consider it a "paradise".

South Kaibab/Bright Angel Loop  itinerary
duration: 3-4 days | round trip: 18.0 - 25.0 miles | difficulty: strenuous
availability: September - June
Introductory backpack to the Colorado River, Bright Angel Creek and Phantom Ranch. Fabulous views of Pipe Creek Canyon, Cremation Canyon, the North Rim, and the Inner Gorge along the way. This is one of the most popular treks in the canyon. A great opportunity for that inner canyon experience.


Paria Canyon  itinerary
duration:days | round trip: 38.0 miles | difficulty: strenuous
availability: April - June; September - October
The premier narrows hike on the Colorado Plateau. A land every bit as sublime as the Grand Canyon, Buckskin Gulch is the longest deepest, darkest narrowest slot canyon in the world and a tributary to Paria Canyon. We enter the 2,000-foot-deep gorge of the Paria in southern Utah, then hike downstream to Lees Ferry in Arizona, where the Paria empties into the Colorado River.


Aravaipa Canyon  itinerary
duration: 3-4 days | round trip: 20.0 - 25.0 miles | difficulty: moderate
availability: March - June; September - November
Aravaipa Canyon is the emerald of Arizona’s wildernesses and only a two hour drive from Phoenix. Aravaipa is truly 11 miles of canyon paradise.  It offers 1,000-foot canyon walls, stunning scenery, and a rich history. Seven species of native fish, troops of coatamundi, ringtails, mule and white-tailed deer, mountain lion, black bear and over 200 species of birds live among the shady cottonwoods along the perennial waters of the Aravaipa. Peregrine Falcons nest on the cliffs above, among desert bighorn sheep. Base camp will be set up at the base of Horse Camp Canyon for further exploration.